North Korea declares war

North Korea has been saying a lot of irresponsibly provocative stuff lately. They have been acting as if they’re seriously going to start bombing targets and nobody seems to be taking them seriously. They’ve claimed advanced nuclear technologies that are capable of striking Alaska, Hawaii, Japan or South Korea.

But is it really just posturing?

Lets think about this. Kim jong un is a fat little asian kid that probably can’t get laid without raping or paying. He’s been born into this world, condemned to a life of twinky eating, inherited control of the shittiest country on earth and he’s fat as f*%k too. Seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if in additional to all of this he has a tiny dick as well.

Wait, back the fuck up.

A little dick? Holy shit am I for real? Yeah this little asian guy probably has a little dick, which means, its far more probable that he’s deadly serious about this missle business. The problem is, he knows its suicide. Which he may be completely down for.

kim-jong-unlook at this pud. He looks like he’s totally ready to kill himself. Why not?

So I guess what im saying is if this blog post gets any traffic, ill be pretty surprised.





St Patricks Day In Chicago

St Patricks Day In Chicago

It was a blast =P


F.B.I. Says It Has Clues in ’90 Boston Art Heist

About 23 years ago there was a significant art heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. A prominent museum that operates out of Boston, MA.


Now, over 2 decades later, the feds believe they may have unlocked several clues pertaining to the heist. The FBI has established a website to help move the investigation forward @

If you have any information regarding this infamous theft, the FBI is offering a $5,000,000 dollar reward.

On march 18 1990, two dudes dressed as cops entered the museum, commandeered the establishments security apparatus and stole 13 different artistic rendering of varying gobbly goop. The value of the heist? Half a billion dollars of perceived value.

Some artists whom’s pieces were stolen include but are not limited to


Long Live The Cat Empire

What’s you favorite band? For many this is a hard question to answer. Well, I like this and this and this and, you get it. But it’s a bit easier question when you’re answer has been incontrovertible for over a decade. If you were to ask me that question, my definitive answer would be The Cat Empire. Who is The Cat Empire?… would definitively be your next question. The Cat Empire is a little known band from Australia that fuses jazz, ska, funk rock and has heavy Latin influences. To be honest you just have to listen to have a clue what it comes out like.

When they were introduced to me by one of my best friends at the time and present roommate, they blew my mind. The very first track off their first album starts with heavy horns and a catchy beat. As you work your way through the album, you realize that it’s like nothing that you’ve ever heard before. One of their most famous tracks comes at #4 on the album, starting off slow with rhythm and then unleashes a killer trumpet soloist throughout the entire song. Don’t expect to understand what the hell they’re  exactly saying though, even the 30th time around.  That’s half the fun of it.

After listening to the first album over and over we waited paitiently for their next album, Two Shoes, an equally amazing album. And the next and the next. We all have one of those bands that defines and era of our life however big or small, and this was, for me at least, a huge example of that.

After waiting almost a decade to catch them in concert, they will be playing in LA and SD before leaving again for years. You can bet on it that I’ll be seeing both.

Use a VPN to beat SOPA

I’m a pretty big believer that people will always find a way. Not most people, but enough people. Regardless of the horrors SOPA and it’s ability to allow the powers that be to censor the web; People will find a way.

Technorati had a great article about this today and as ‘they’ tighten their grip, and they will, im sure we’ll continue to see more and more solutions. Check out how you could use a VPN to get around SOPA and PIPA, where ever they go.

Is it possible the private network and segmentation of the world wide web is the destiny of the internet due to man’s innate nature to rule and impose law?

Chinplants Plastic Surgery

I came across a few news stories the other day while checking out the health section in google news. Apparently Chinplants is the new craze everyone is obsessed with. Really people? First off, what is this doing in the health section? I think google should come up with the news category “Oddity” to spare the people that are looking for actual news that is actually about health in the Health section of their news systme

The net effect of entertainment

Who would have ever thought oof implants for your chin? Some deduce that TV shows like “The Doctors” may be to blame. It’s probably a lot easier to mindlessly self indulge on some crazy cosmetic surgery once you know what’s out there.

Is this really happening? Has vanity run amok lead around by television shows and self-promoting, industry-promoting reality television doctors? When the hell is anyone going to perfect human cryogenic freezing. I think id rather move on than see what the rest of our generations have to offer.

0 faith /rant